There are several conditions under which a complaint is refused : Mockup

UOB Call Center  responds to customer complaints and various services

The UOB call center is certainly very useful for its users.   UOB itself is one of the banks that is quite old. Although in some areas most people do not know it, the name UOB is already very popular in large cities. The company was founded in 1956.

If it is calculated from this year, on August 31, he will even be 65 years old. With such a long-term existence, there are a lot of users themselves. Its employees alone number more than 3,000 people. With this, the developments are already visible in many ways. The banking world is indeed very complicated.

This complexity certainly makes various problems often encountered by customers. This issue must be resolved as soon as possible. As a customer, you will find this difficult because knowledge of the banking world itself is not easy to find. Therefore, contacting the UOB call center  may be the best choice.

Contacting the UOB bank’s call center is not difficult

Call centers can help you in many ways. This is because the CS who manages the call center has undergone a long training. A long training has certainly matured his knowledge of call centers. Thus, every question and complaint submitted by consumers will receive an appropriate response.

Contacting the UOB call center  itself is actually very easy. To contact him by phone, the customer must contact 14008. This was the official UOB number for customer service. The number is active for 24 hours. With him, you can contact him at any time.

But when you contact him, there is a rate thatby theu is paid. The rates themselves are uncertain. It depends on the supplier used by the consumer. The more expensive the supplier, the higher the costs to be incurred. To reduce costs, it is the right decision to contact using a landline.

Contacting the UOB call center  by landline is indeed much cheaper. This is because the cost of a landline has been determined each month so that customers do not need to spend more. Although it is very convenient, cost is often an issue for consumers when they call the number.

Therefore, there is another option in the form of contacting the service via chat. To use the service, customers can contact the official UOB email. The official email itself can be found at  UOB However, email communication is clearly different from phone communication.

When you contact the UOB call center  via email, you must be patient while waiting for the provider to provide the response. To make it easier for you, be sure to provide the questions with the clearest possible timeline. This method will make it easier for suppliers to provide the best answers customers need. The speed with which the answer comes will certainly  benefit you.

Detailed customer complaint diagram

Customer complaints are the main feature of the call center. When making contact, there are claims that can be made by customers so that the losses felt can be reimbursed. However, when you contact the call center, it does not mean that the payment of the loss will be made immediately. There is a system that must first be adopted.

Let’s take as an example the case when transferring a certain amount of money. For example, you transfer money worth 100 million rupees to colleagues. However, there is an opinion that the transfer failed. When checking the balance, it turns out that the balance has been reduced according to this amount.

When this happens, you can of course contact the  UOB call center. When contacting the call center, customers first communicate with CS. There, CS will ask a few questions in addition to listening to the complaints given. If everything is complete, the complaint will be followed up.

As part of the follow-up to the complaint, CS will direct the case to the relevant area. The relevant field will examine why the balance may have been reduced when delivery was not made. In this way, we will know the cause of the reduction in the balance. Typically, this happens due to an error in the system.

If the problem is indeed due to an error in the system, the UOB call center  will express an apology to the consumer while sending an explanation of the results of the investigation. Explanations of the results of this survey can be sent by various media ranging from email to phone to SMS. In the message, UOB will indicate its agreement with consumer complaints.

With the agreement, the lost amount of $100 million will be returned to consumers. Once the money is returned, the customer can check the balance to make sure the money has actually entered. If you have entered, the claims process is complete and customers can perform activities as usual.

There are several conditions under which a complaint is refused

When an error occurs due to the system, any complaint will be approved by UOB. Approval will also be given directly through an official message. But if the error occurs due to the negligence of the customer, the bank will reject the claim. This refusal will be transmitted directly by  the  UOB call center.

Naturally, his refusal was not carried out informally. He will be given a clear reason why the complaint was dismissed. In case of rejection, customers can choose from several options. The first option certainly stops there because she is aware that mistakes have been made personally.

However, if you feel that you have done nothing wrong, the customer may make other complaints. for this kind of problem, the call centre will also provide instructions on how to make the next step of the complaint. In the complaint, the consumer can address it to two official institutions.

The first official institution was BI. Bank Indonesia will receive complaints about the payment system. The payment system itself varies from credit cards, ATMs to money transfers. When the problem is the loss of the balance of 100 million as in the example above, a complaint will be filed with BI.

However, in addition to bi, complaints can also be filed with the OJK. OJK itself means Financial Services Authority. OJK is an institution that handles consumer complaints. The complaints themselves vary from current accounts, from savings to credit. You can also contact him for other complaints.

However, BI and OJK are the last step in complaints. When both have given a decision, UOB and the client must agree and accept it. From there, the issue will be resolved and there will be no more problems in between. By contacting the call center, advice on this will be given clearly.

Various problems can be solved by call centers

There are various issues that require consumers to contact the  UOB call center. One of the problems is with debit cards. The most common problem faced by customers is in the form of swallowed debit cards. This can happen because it takes too long to insert the card or enter the PIN too often too often.

In addition, you can also contact the call center if you have any questions related to the banking world. The question can also cover all aspects. By asking the call center, CS will provide a detailed explanation of the issue. Of course, CS’s answer is much more satisfying than looking for the answer yourself on the Internet.

There is no need to hesitate when contacting CS for various purposes. Its existence serves as a guide for customers. With this, it is indeed the place where the difficulties are felt, a way out is sought via the call center. After all, contacting  the UOB call center  is very easy, and the cost is not high.

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