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Contact the Grab Call Center to find out the interesting features of Grab

Want to know what are the interesting features of grab? Just contact the catcher call centre and you can get information quickly.  In a modern age like today  , the acumen of  technology definitely provides a lot of facilities for most people.

The development of gadgets provides many developers, especially applications with features that suit the needs of consumers. One of the most desirable features by consumers is information services. While this seems to be much less needed, in fact, service is very important for the presence of the application.

One of the largest transportation service providers in Indonesia, Grab also has this facility. Not only does it provide convenience, especially for consumers who   experience problems with services from the provider, you  can  also contact the Grab Call Center to find out the features provided.

 Get to know the catch company closely

Although the echo has been widely heard, there are still very few who know what grab is. Aside  from an InnovaC  to facilitate the community, the company comes up with an application that  can provide a  variety of services at  the same time.  Efficiency and efficiency are the key principles that are  offered by Grab to its consumers.

The formation of  this application  stemmed from a desire to provide transportation services easily and practically for the community  .   Through the use of gadget media,  this company  came up with  a creative idea  , called online  transportation, which  was still rarely found at the time.  If  you’re curious about the features offered,  contact the call center to catch up!

However, over time, not only the features of online transportation but also other features such as food delivery are  offered to loyal  consumers  .  Some  of these amazing features have  been introduced in different names such as grabtaxy, grabcar, grabbike, grabexpress and grabfood.

  Grab’s key services for consumers

The  size  of grab’s name  certainly cannot be separated from the amazing features  offered by this company.  Through an application  that can be   easily accessed through gadgets, this company with  a  unique green citizen logo offers a variety of excellent services, including:

  1. GrabTaxi

If you  think That Grab  started  out as an online motorcycle taxi service  , then undoubtedly you are very wrong. The company    started  its business by releasing the Grabtaxi service which was  officially launched in  2012 under the   initial name MyTexy with access to Malaysian consumers.   If  you’re curious  about this feature  just contact the catcher call center!

  1. GrabBikeLanguage

If Grabcara  is usually  used by 2 to  4 people at a time,  you can try other features with an individual ability. Yes, Grab provides   a  special service for those of you who  want  to go to a particular destination quickly without fear of interruption. You can try  the GrabBike feature   with  an online  shuttle  service using  two-wheeler media.

  1. GrabExpress

GrabExpress  can  be called a new breakthrough developed  by  this company.  By   facilitating the sending of certain documents or things, this feature  can really help anyone  who  wants to send  from a particular location to  a  particular destination quickly.  Is there a problem with bookings?   Just contact the Grab Call Center.

  1. GrabFood

As  the name suggests, the GrabFood service is one of the best-selling features offered by the company.   This service   can be called a life-saving feature for anyone who needs food quickly and without any hassle    .  As the best partner,  you can use grabfood only to order food or beverages.

  1. Grabcar

If you want a service other than  taxis, the garbcar option may be another option for you.  With guaranteed comfort and guaranteed driver-partner professionalism, you don’t   have to worry about trying this feature.

The company also provides a  non-cash payment mechanism like OVO Cash  which definitely makes it easier for customers. If you are curious about  how to use OVO Cache,  contact the Grab Call Center to get  a detailed explanation.

Some of Grab’s subsidiary features

In addition to the amazing features described above, you can also use ancillary services  to  increase efficiency during the use of the application.  What are  its ancillary features? Check  out the full explanation below.

  1. My dear

You can easily find ”  My Favorites”  in the  right-hand corner  right above grabfood’s  home page. This menu can make it easier for customers to  easily  find  their favourite restaurants through  the app.  Contact the Grab Call Center for more information.

  1. Promo Column

The promo column option  is a new variant released  by this online transportation company.  To  be able to access it, you can check first by selecting the “Inbox” menu  on  the  application page.  After this, a notification will appear immediately which will have a promo code that can be used.

  1. Order Lot

For those of you who want to order large parts and quantities at the same time, “ordering a lot of it can be your best choice  .”  With this facility, you  don’t   have to bother using the order method with unit items. If you need more information, you can  easily contact  the capture call center.

 Using the  Help Center feature

It is common to find  barriers when using certain services  .   Whether it’s GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabBike or GrabTaxi, no doubt some problems can  happen  against  your will  . Therefore, if you feel that there is  a  problem  with the service you are using   , do not panic or be confused.  Contact Grab’s call center to resolve this problem.

An integrated help centre  is  an option that is provided  by  the company to   address the issues that may arise to  consumers.  To use the help desk, there  are  many  methods that customers must do.  So what  are the steps  to use the help  center? Check  the method below  .

  1. Email check


Verifying your email is  very important  to ensure that the report you want  to submit to the company is a valid customer report. Therefore, all complaints from partners or consumers   will have to go through the email verification phase first.

  1. Updating the application

In general, system problems  with grab  can  be solved instantly when users update  their application. It may be that problems arise as the  system  has not been  updated to the application used. So, to make sure these barriers actually exist, just try  to  update the application  via PlayStore.

  1. Help center options in the app

Even though the company has   provided a  customer service number,  customers  can still take advantage of another option, called the Help Center.  You can find this menu in the app under the name “Help Center”.

  1. Iam theM.B.U.A. report

The final  step  is to create a report if  you cannot overcome the problems that arise in the system   .  You definitely need to submit the  report with  humility and humility  .  It would be nice if you also included proof of the image of the system in which problems were coming up.

Using  an online transport application certainly  cannot be separated from the hurdles  that  can  arise  at any given time.  Grab  itself  has  provided  a  number to be contacted by consumers when they face problems with the system.  Contact the bus catch call center at  021 – 80648777.

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