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TII The history of the rebellion in West Java and its causes


Di TII  is a type of rebellion  that gives memories to many people of his time di TII West Java.   Because  this  incident  was enough to  cause a lot of casualties.   In fact, these events  took place over a very long period of time.   Many people still remember it today.


Even after the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the people still fought hard. National heroes face many more events than they did during the Indonesian struggle.  Even  at that time,  there was opposition from the Indonesian people.   The incident took place because the ideology did not comply with the government.


Many groups are dissatisfied with  the implementation of the Indonesian government  and therefore there are a lot of rebels by  their own people, for example,  the  DI TII  movement.  There the center itself is located in the regional part of Indonesia such as West Java.


There are still many places in Indonesia, such as Kalimantan, Aceh or Sulawesi.   But in the end, the attempts were thwarted by the government.   The  foiled attempt  was successful as the opposition from  various parties  was so strongly  presented.   Until now, it has been widely known by the public.


Background in TII West Java


The Darul Islam operation is  a movement in the political arena  with its initial development in Tasikmalaya by the Indonesian Islamic Army itself.   This opposition was initially exposed from the Islamic State Indonesia.  It happened  exactly on August 7, 1949.   This  happened a few years after the proclamation.


The West Java TII uprising, led by SekharMadji  , was aimed at creating Indonesia as an Islamic state, where its decision was to proclaim its own NII.   The event occurred because Cartosovirjo felt tired of the contents of the Renville Treaty  .


It is believed that the very content of the treaty hurts the dignity of the hero of freedom. The content of the treaty was the Indonesian state, which was forced by the Dutch to cede west Java. In fact, before this opposition took place, Cartosovirjo was already a politician.  So it’s no surprise that he has a lot of political experience.


Even within the country’s Islamic Sarekat Party, Wang Au was so fanatical about the religion of Islam that he also had the idea of hijra politics in which he had to use it under his leadership.   The background of  The West Java TII unites every branch in Indonesia  where acar  can fight against  a government that does not agree.


This is not merely moving, becausethere is a commonality of a different ideology. The leaders and members of the movement were instigated by its leader from West Java. The reason for this opposition was that Cardozovirjo was dissatisfied with the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, which was still obscured by the Dutch who wanted to continue to control Indonesia.


Purpose Generated Movement DI TII


THE TII in West Java  was led by the rebel community leader Sekharmadji Maritjan Cardozovirjo because he wanted to achieve his goals. As a measure, the TII itself is trying to create a country where Islamic law is the basis.  In addition, the  country  has been liberated by  Dutch  colonization.


For more details, the aim of this opposition is to create an Indonesian Islamic state recognized by the government. In fact, they also want it to be recognized by international law. In addition, the opposition was created because they wanted to transform Indonesia into a country with an Islamic base.


The leader of this activity is to create Islamic law so that it becomes the law of the Indonesian state, which, of course, is guided by both the hadith and the Qur’an. Not only that, they created an Islamic state  because they wanted to change the laws of the government to the same as Islam.


DI TII The purpose of creating the West Java rebellion was because the person rejected the hadiths and the ideology and laws of the Koran.      In addition  to the two things mentioned  , they  say  that if they follow others, they are considered infidels   .   But this is very unfortunate, because the  main purpose of  this  movement  was created to fight the Dutch.


But it turned out to be serious. As everyone knows, Indonesia itself has the highest variety of beliefs. There are 6 major religions in it and it is recognised by the government. So it is not a wise thing to  make Islam more special than other religions.


TII is the founder of the rebellion in West Java


The very origin of the DI operation was initially due to the fact that two people were suspected to have played a key role in the formation of the operation. Kyai Jussuf Tausiri about the first person. He is said to have been the founder in the early stages of building a peaceful Islamic movement.


But in the end he withdrew his support for Garto’s OE Virjo to fight the Indonesian state. However, many people know that the main character of DI itself is Kartosoewirjo.  Born and raised in the  Java region, the man has spent almost his life in West Java.


In fact, he himself is not native to West Java, but is native to central Javanese born in Copper. The location of the area is between Bozonegoro and Flora.  Born on February  7,  1905,  this man  received his education  in dutch-speaking elementary school and in his first meneka.


In fact, according to the story, he did not have much insight into Islam and Arabic. There was even a curriculum to enter the Dutch East Indies Gedabbab School located in Surabaya. It was in that area that he h. Omar met Syed. He  later became the president of the PSII.


The DI TII West Java movement itself was initially a bad reaction from Cardos O’Virjo and his team to the rejection of the Renville Treaty.   The agreement  was made by an agreement between Indonesia and the Netherlands.   This is what makes Darul Islam  and its troop members are the ones whose  troops are the ones who have  joined the TIII.


Crackdown on rebellion in West Java TII                                      


As many people know, the TII the event in West Java is  the  largest event in the country, which is remembered by almost everyone. Even in some places it supports the movement with the aim of  creating a state  in accordance with the Islamic religion  .


At that time the government of the Republic of Indonesia also declared its independence and again fought against the Dutch.     The government is once again facing opposition from its own people.   Of course, this makes the government  work on many things  in order to eradicate the movement.  The goal is to be to be  able to integrate nek arao as well.


In West Java, the repression began in a peaceful way. There Moh Nadseer formed the committee.  But the way it worked did not work.  After that,   it was followed again, using military operations and using another method.   Eventually, in 1962,  Cardosovirjo was arrested in  the  Mount Salag area.


The move also concerns the community’s efforts to restrict the movement of TII members. Death as far as the punishment given is concerned. In fact, TII West Java’s action is  not just a few casualties, it’s an important event you need to know after independence.

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