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Governor and Deputy Governor of  West Java in 2021

The leadershipof the governor and vice-governorofWest Javais certainlyvery important in implementingthe regulationsin their region. Duringhis term of office, the role of the leader becomes a figure that will be honoredfor the realizationofpublic policy.  Notonly that, leaders must be able to help and lead the people to improvethe level of well-being.

Through this fact, it is necessary to knowthat the electionof leaders is carried out once every few years. The processis alsocarried out through the general selection of heads of regionsaccording to the proceduresestablished byspecial government agencies. Therefore, the period of selection of officialswill be carried outin a fair, honestand transparent manner for the sake of the common good.

Each term of office, of course, the head of the regionvaries depending on the results of the elections elected by the people. For now, there isalready a reliable leader who occupies the post of governorofthe WestJava region. In order to know the profile andfunction completely, we will describe detailed informationabout the leader.

Armed with thisinformation, at least you can understand what the current backgroundof the governor looks like. When you get to know his profile, you will also knowhisleadership styleand achievements during the government. Therefore, please learn in advance about the full profile of the regional leaderofWest Javain2021.

Profileand data of the leader of the entire West Java province

According to the data of the governorand deputy governor of West Java, it turns out that the regional leader is from the city ofBandung. Having previously succeeded in becoming mayor, he has now managed to become the winnerof the regional electionssince 2018. The nameof thecurrentWest Javaleader is called Ridwan Kamil or is known asKang Emil.

This regional leader of West Javawas born on October 4,1971, located in Bandung as a child. The level of education is quite high also becausehe graduated from the Bandung Instituteof Technology with a specialization in architecture. As for the master’s degree, it is taken in the United States, namely the University of California Berkeley.

Beforeentering politics, Ridwan Camilleworked as an architect as the main profession.  As for the side profession, Kang Emil also workedas anITB lecturer but did not settle. Starting from there, it turned out that a storm had begun to try to get into politics.

Before serving as governorand deputy governor ofWestJava, Ridwan Kamil became mayor of Bandung in 2013. Duringhis tenure, he continued to show significant improvements that managed to change the city for the better. In every aspect oraspect, it turns out that he is capable of makingthe city of Bandung unable to receive the best prize.

Starting with this,Kang Emil’s name and leadership style began to be felt by the wider community. At the end of 2018, he beganto submit an application to the Regional Central GovernmentofWestJava. The result succeededin appointing Ridwan Camille as a permanent and official governor of the government region of West Java.

Profile and data of the most complete deputy leader of the West Java province

Discussions about thegovernor and deputy governor of West Javawill continue in the profileof the side of the deputy. After the previous discussionprovided detailed information about the regional leadership, nowit is his turn to discussthe deputy. In the government, of course, the synergybetweenthe Supreme Leaderand his deputymustcooperatewitheach other.

O Rojanul Om was born on May 10, 1969 in the city of Tisikmalayabased onhis basic profile. For the subject of educational background, it turns out thatRuzhanul Ulum is a postgraduate of the University of Siliwangi. It is interesting to note thatRojanul Om entered politics earlierthan Ridvan Camille in a government career.

It is notedthatsince its inception, Ao has been the leader and served as vice-king in the Tasikmalaya region. Interestingly, Uu has wontwo terms simultaneously since 2011 and continues as pertahana. However, in 2018shepreferred to advance to the government at the provincial level.

Together with Ridwan Kamilwhen he appointed the leaderof West Java, this turned out to be a victoryand officially became his deputy. There are several parties that carry thelawas representatives, namelyPPP, Nora, PKB and Nasdem. Although KangEmil is an independent candidate, the law isactually carried by four parties at the same time.

In the end, now the governorand vice-governor of WestJava have been successfully held until the end of their term. Youcan get acquainted more about what the leadership of the two important figuresof the West Java regionlooks like. Later,it will be more clearly known regarding the consequences of the administration of Ridwan Kamiland the Rojanol Um Law.

Positions as governor and deputy during the administration period

After discussing each profile, you can now proceed to understand about power. Local leaders must have certain duties established by law to be fully fulfilled. In order tooperate the wheels of the governmentsmoothly, it must participate in the guidelinesfor positionsas a leader.

It should be noted that everygovernor and deputy governorof West Javamust beobligedduringtheir term of office. Whenunderstanding theduties of each party, of course, it must go throughdifferentauthoritiescorrectly. An example of the first taskto be carried out is intensive communication as well asgoodcoordinationof the entirerange.

Moreover, there are guidelines of Nava Sitathat should be implemented during his tenure as a regional leaderproperly. It is important that the leader and his deputy help maintain the order of the community inthe life of the country. Createand enact local regulationsif there are new casescoming in fromthe policy formulation stage.

Based on themain duties of the governor and deputy governorofWest Java, this means that they owesynergy at the same time. Every action must focus on responding to the public interest to the maximum extent of improving the welfareofthe people. This effortwill be carried outso that there is an improvement in the performance and performance of each component of the company.

There arebasic prohibitionsthat the leadershipcannotdoin the three regulationsof the Central Office. These are employee mutations, revocation of permits from previous officials,and the establishment of conflicting policies. Throughthis kind of rule, there is no doubt thatthe wheels of governmentwill also be smoother during their tenure.

The achievements of Ridwan Camille during his tenure

Since 2018he has served as regional head, of course,there must be significant changes and improvements.  All sorts of these advantages are realized in order to be able to help each element of the companyand its activities run smoothly. If there is an increase in one aspect, it is possible that other aspectsare also positively affected.

There have been several achievements of thegovernor and deputy governor of West Javaduringthe rulefor the best results. Ineconomic matters, it turned out to be one of the focal points ofinvestmentin the Southeast Asian region. Many investors come in toprovide funds in various specialized sectors in WestJava.

According to data carried out by BKPM, it turns out thatthe West Java region ranks highest in Indonesia. As a target area for investment, West Javahas managed to secure 120.4 trillion rupees worth investor funds. Knowing the existence of this high number, it must have been immediately welcomedas a valuable achievementduring the period of government.

Due to this increasein investments, there is no doubt that the economic sector, including MSMEs, will riseat the level. The agricultural sectoris also capable of obtaining maximum crops depending on the crop that will improve in quality.   As long as there is such an improvement, it can be determined that the standard of living of people is towards well-being.

In fact, there are still many other awards and achievementsthat Ridwan Camille has achievedfrom everyaspect. In fact, it is said that today Ridwan Camille is a role model for modern regional leaders. In this way, it is necessary to assess the achievements of the governor and deputy governorofWest Javaduring his tenure.

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