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Recipe Gepuk Kleeyahay West Java Special Delicious and Delicious

Meat is one of the most important food items popular and popular among many, especially in some regions, and the classic West Javanese gepuk recipe is becoming the first recommended foodie donation. The unique taste of the qualifier and the delicious one that fits when eating rice causes this dish to be loved by many, especially the people who have settled on the island of Java.

Although there are a few different varieties, the typical West Javanese meat gepuk is still a stronger dish, because it’s easy to find. The production process itself seems to have gone a step further, but it can be compared to its sweet taste and extending the tongue in all circles, be it the people of java island or outside Java.

Even with the classic West Javanese gepuk food, processed meat you can also find on the island of Bali with different properties and flavors. Kebo itself is topped with one of the customized beefs that many like from its shape and flavor. Although the cooking process is very long, the flavor still guarantees that more people are made more addicted to keep eating.

Generally processed meat is often used in the main dish held at the festival or on a side dish on Memorial Day such as Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha. However, you can still find several food restaurants or restaurants which offer this menu as the most important dish for consumers in addition to other processed meats.

Characteristics of West Javanese Gepuk Meat Dishes

The general west Javanese cuisine itself is usually associated with rendang dishes from Padang, Kalimantan. Yet when seen from the shape that looked like the dish, the two processed meats are very different in terms of texture and in taste. Moreover, the process of processing dishes is also different when in the finishing season these two dishes produce different shapes and textures.

This is because the rendang sauce only goes through the processing process completed if the better aromatic plants have peeled the meat and the final result is soft but full when eaten. It’s in contrast to the gepuk that needs to get through the stage of being beaten so that the flesh is a little bit stiffer and after the fortification is absorbed the meat will be cooked in moderate heat.

From texture alone, the processed rendang dish looks more chewy and thick and freshened but still gives it a sweet taste when using the rice. But in the form developed in the form made for java west Java itself, processed meat needs to be processed through a frying process so that the fragrant moist plants can enter the meat and give it a smaller and more sleek but softer texture inside.

Of course everyone has taste qualities because taste cannot be distinguished from the meaning of food from the other. If you love the processed gepuk meat then of course you process it yourself. This time we’ll give you the small recipe for a processed gepuk meat that’s simple and of course easy to cook at home.

Processing of West Java’s snack snacks

To be able to put yourself home first you have to prepare the main ingredients starting first from the beef according to the flavor but we recommend consuming as much as 1kg. Then 1/4 galangal roughly mashed, 6 garlic canned pieces, 1/2 ounce brown sugar, 1 ounce granulated sugar, 1/2 tbsp tamarind, 2 cups of thick coconut milk, 1/2 liters of oil to cook and water to taste.

Next to many of the things you have prepared and first wash off the beef, which is similar to preparing hot water for cooking. Keep in mind that the unique West Java gepuk recipe  needs attention when the meat has been cooked and must be poured when locked in half-tense with a not-too-soft texture.

After cutting the meat to your taste, here we recommend cutting it along the wires so that the cut becomes built into the flesh of the meat fibers. Once it is cut in its entirety, beat the meat until it is twisted and not until it is completely destroyed. Remember that the meat doesn’t break because after this it’s cooked along with other good seasonings.

The traditional West Javanese gepuk can recipe needs to go through the same steps as making the swap, which is boiling meat until the good spices grow. Continue the first step when you cut the meat, heat up the coconut milk along with other ingredients along with the very low heat heat and go in wait for it to boil and then put it in the barn.

After that you cut the dish while it waits until the plants apply the spice to the meat. According to many, West Java is popular with people who like to eat freshly processed vegetables such as a processed meat dish. Once the rope is over the moisture you can grind it with the small oil of the fire, after which the meat of the mars is ready to be added to the fresh rice and vegetables.

Of course, the flavor won’t add to the dishes served in popular eateries or cafes. Additionally, by understanding the typical West Javanese gepuk recipe, you can make it anytime as it is your taste when you want to eat this one on a plate. Also, this dish is suitable as well as being the main occasion for important festival celebrations such as the gathering of relatives or a special ceremony.

Processed Meat Always Has Multiple Connoisseurs from Different Circles

As we know if processed meat always has a lot of fans, especially beef because it is able to increase everyone’s appetite. For every dish used, beef of the beef of the cow varieties has been very popular among the people. Of course, Nusantara dishes always have their own flavors, especially beef dishes.

In addition, how to cook processed meat can also produce its own flavor characteristics and texture to suit a space for chefs. From west to east in Indonesia, processed meat has its own flavor so it’s no exception if western Javanese gepuk cuisine is one of the most beloved dishes in and around the island of Java today.

Mixing herbs and spices that add flavor to the meat, will always make every eater feel addicted. But still since processed meat has always been heavy food, making it a tradition of Indonesians to eat rice and vegetables together making it the standard dish in today’s society.

Popularity of Processed Meat in Every Region of Indonesia

Meat dishes always have a few connoisseurs in a unique way so it can’t be enthought that nowadays many food-storage businesses use processed meat menus as their main dishes. Whether it’s a roads pub or a well-known restaurant, of course, the classic westjanese (West Javanese gepuk) cuisine  is one of the main dishes targeted by many and food-targeted hunters.

With its unique, delicious, delicious flavor and rich aroma, this dish has many fans. In addition to West Java, you can also enjoy this dish wherever you are because the dish is general and easy to find in the variety of eateries and well-known restaurants because it was already famous for its taste.

Of course, you can make it snacks yourself as before but be more considered the steps to be taken so that the final result is as expected. You can also vary the traditional West Javanese gepuk  recipe  as adding chili that is given a fast-paced flavor or sprinkled with serundeng to make gepuk taste sweeter and more savoury.

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