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The availability of Nokia service centers  in all regions in Indonesia makes customers and loyal customers more comfortable and not confused to find it. Because there are already almost  all areas spread evenly in Indonesia. So for you don’t have to worry anymore if you are looking for the nearest service center.

This is certainly intended so that customers of Nokia  products do not worry if they need services for all their products. To find it is not difficult to just open the browser on a smartphone or device can be found easily. Using the nearest Nokia keyword service center  is enough.

Surely later there will be choices of service locations closest to your position.  Nokia itself is one of the companies that produce famous mobile phone products in Indonesia. Companies originating from continental Europe precisely from Finland. Nokia products are  famous for their durability and banting resistance.

Although durable and impressed resilient, still no one knows if there will be obstacles from the product. Therefore Nokia itself has provided services to help its customers who have complaints or complaints about their products. Just call the call center with the 02131106960 number.

Influential Brands in Indonesia

Nokia itself still survives to this day because there are still many loyal customers. Therefore, the services provided by Nokia itself are certainly so that these customers are not confused if there are obstacles. Or you can go directly to the  nearest Nokia service center in the city.

With the spread of allthe big pu lau in Indonesia such as Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan to Papua is not difficult to find it. Just choose a place for service purposes closest to your location. Trust the technicians who are professional service centers later your complaints  will be handled.

The service on 02131106960 number can also be used to ask the location of the nearest service from you. the number can be contacted from 09.00 to 17.00. If you want to check the location independently just look for your smartphone where the  nearest location to service this product.

With this, the customers of this  product do not need to dance the service place on the side of the road unofficially. Just look for the city or location closest to you, with it can get official services from Nokia and of course trusted and safe.

The brand  in Indonesia has been famous from ancient times and includes brands that are favored by the people of Indonesia because of their durability. From the era of hp is still supported cdma not like now that is sophisticated. With that even though the prestige of Nokia had dropped but its loyal customers are still there.

Nokia Service Center for You

Every  Nokia service center that has been spread in the area has been provided with its own call center. As in jabodetabek area, Yogyakarta, Medan, Surabaya, to Jayapura. So for those customers who need services from repairs to information about products from Nokia.

This is intended so that later customers become comfortable and do not have difficulty if they need help from official professional technicians from the brand.  Because with the scattered service places make it easier for customers to find the closest service so that there is no need to go all the way to find a Nokia service center.

To find the nearest care center can be directly through the official website nokia.com in your browser. Choose and find the location closest to you through the nearest care center location check feature. With that it is very easy to get the nearest care center location.

So the customers will not worry if there are obstacles or complaints ontheir products. Each city can also sometimes be found more than one service center office. With so many choices there is no need to be confused if you are in lineor have to wait a long time to get services.

The service center for the brand itself in Indonesia is held by Unicom. Unicom itself in Indonesia has also been trusted for good service and not only for this product  . Many other smartphone or smartphone products entrust their service to Unicom.

Nokia Service Center Available in Indonesia

Service center in Jabodetabek, so around Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi. As in Central Jakarta precisely at Unicom – ITC Cempaka Mas with the number (021) 42872055. For Depok precisely at Unicom – Depok Town Square (021) 78870152.

In the Bogor area precisely at Unicom – Bogor Trade Mall with the number (0251) 8401301. Around Bekasi, unicom – metropolitan mall with call center (021) 8866955. For the nearest Tangerang is at Unicom – Supermall Karawaci or can call the number (021) 54211572.

For the West Java area itself is also found in Bandung, Garut, Tasikmalaya and others. Bandung area can be found on Unicom – BEC or can call 0878-2416-4703. For Garut itself there is Unicom – Kotakulon, Garut City and can call the number (0262) 243747.

Tasikmalaya also has Unicom – Jalan Tentara Pelajar 93, Empangsari with phone number 0823-1612-7419. Cirebon is also available Unicom – Jalan Sukalila Selatan 12, Pekalangan with a number that can be contacted (0231) 8293232. Central Java area also has several Nokia service centers that provide services.

One of them is for surakarta (Solo) Unicom – Jalan Dr. Rajiman 241, Jayengan with a number that can be contacted 0878-3605-5598. Semarang City is also available Unicom – Jalan Tentara Pelajar 3, Jomblang with the number (024) 76423901. Yogyakarta is also available Unicom – Jalan Kusumanegara 111, Umbulharjo can be contacted at 0857-9986-4233.

For around East Java there are in Surabaya, Kediri, Malang, to Jember. Surabaya there is Unicom – WTC Surabaya can be contacted on phone (031) 5466677. Jember area there is Unicom – Jalan Sumatra, Tegal Boto Lor call on phone (0331) 4436252.

Malang area there is Unicom – Ruko Garden Ville A12 call on phone (0354) 680681. In addition to the above areas there are also some in other areas such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Lombok and Papua. Find the full number and address on nokia.com site.

Find Nokia Service Center with Care Center Location

Find the Nokia service center through the official Nokia  website at the nokia.com address by using the Care Center Location feature. If the website asks to get your live location, allow it. With that it is easier to find a Nokia care center closest to your location.

So you don’t need to slide too far the locator folder available on the site. Simply allow location access. In addition,  the Nokia service center site  also provides a live chat feature, this feature can be used to ask about various services provided to information about some Nokia products.

In addition to contacting through the available phone number, it can also be via email or email. Simply fill out the form with the appropriate data from your email, the product complained about, your current location  to the complaints you have. Just submit the data and it’s done.

Later, you will get a reply from Nokia. But if you want to get a quick and definite response, it’s better to find the nearest care center contact and then contact directly. It is recommended that later arriving at the location of the Nokia service center .

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