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For those of you users of MSI company products, the presence of MSI service center in your city will be very helpful. This is related to problems that occur in the future. Make sure you do not just service the technology you have by bringing it to the service abal-abal.

For those of you who work in the field of information technology, MSI’s products are familiar to you. This product with excellent quality becomes a favorite product chosen for work. The performance provided when running various applications is also very fast.

In addition, the company also presents MSI service center as a legitimate repair service from this technology brand. It becomes a you that the product issued is not abal-abal because it already has its own service center. Although its presence cannot be reached throughout Indonesia.

There are several reasons why you should buy MSI products compared to other products. With a relatively the same price but you will get better quality and performance if you use MSI products. This has been proven by the spread of company branch locations in various parts of the world.

But when you decide to buy it is necessary to pay attention to whether the products sold by the distributor are still new and original. Do not accept reconditioned items unless you are looking for the like. This is to avoid any losses that will occur in the future.

What is MSII tu and MSI Service Center

Before you know more basic related to  MSI service centers, you should know more about MSI. The company comes from Zhonghei, Taipei, Taiwan with the full name Micro-Star International or abbreviated as MSI.

The company is engaged in producing various computer-based technologies. Even a few years ago it was claimed to be the largest company in the world engaged in information technology. The products produced by this company are notebooks & tablets, a set of PCs, Servers, Multimedia, Motherboards, and others.

The number of products that have been produced by MSI companies does not play. This is what makes this company finally form a service called MSI service center.  The large amount of technology produced makes the company sprightly in responding to problems and improving their products.

As the name suggests, Micro-Star International Service Center is msi’s official service for loyal customers who have problems with product machine performance to be repaired. Unstable and jammed engine performance will affect the mood and speed of the product being run.

Of course, actually some ordinary technology special service services can fix it, but avoiding side damage due to repairs made can occur. It is better to bring the product to be repaired to the party who also issued the product only.

Services Offered by MSI Service Center

MSI has a fairly high popularity in Indonesia. This can be seen from the continuously increasing sales of products in Indonesia. When you buy MSI products, you will get some of the best services or facilities that can be provided by the company.

Some of the facilities offered by the service center are that you can consult about your product problems online first. This will be related to the next action you have to take. After knowing the point of the problem then you can take steps to repair your goods.

If you do not find the nearest service center location in your city, there is no need to worry because the company accepts shipments of goods for repair and is guaranteed to be safe because it has a warranty. You can also check periodically whether your package has arrived at the destination address safely.

In addition, MSI service center provides facilities in the form of the latest software downloads, not only that but the latest drivers, instructions and utilities you will get. Discussion forums about the products issued are also provided to increase literacy if there are prospective buyers who do not understand.

You can also check if the MSI product you bought is real or fake. There is a barcode in the product section that you can scan. Barcode scan results will not be manipulated because every sale of technology by MSI companies is already listed on the list owned by the company.

Prices of Products and Services Offered

With a fairly large number of loyal customers, then you can buy the product online or onsite. Make sure the website or online shop that sells the product is trusted, both in terms of the product sold originally and the warranty given when the goods are delivered and on the way.

This is because in accordance with msi service center  facilities, you are entitled to a product safety guarantee until it reaches your hands safely and not defects. Warranty is very necessary because the price of the product sold by MSI company does not play.

One of MSI’s best-selling products is a laptop. But the laptop sold is the type that is suitable for gamers. The price of the laptop is very comparable, ranging from 6 million to 60 million. This price is quite expensive for a laptop. But the amount you spend will match the quality you get.

Laptops used also usually can last in a matter of years. Gamers choose to use MSI laptops because of their high GDP, clear screen, and the processor used will not make it often lag.  And it is also easy to repair because of the MSI service center.

The cost of service varies depending on the severity of the damage your goods experience. If you only replace a few chips or spare parts, it can be priced at around 150 to 1 million rupiah. But some circumstances also you are not charged anything if the problem is considered easy.

Msi Service Center Locations List Throughout Indonesia

After knowing the facilities, product prices and product service costs, then you need to know the various service center locations. This information will help you in quickly responding to delivering your goods when you are experiencing obstacles that you cannot solve on your own.

Currently MSI is still present in several major cities in Indonesia. The locations are Jakarta, Madiun, Banjarmasin, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Palembang, Makassar, Padang, Bandung, Medan, Semarang, and Bekasi. You can adjust the nearest place from your location.

The product issued by MSI is one of the superior products that are considered quality not only by the people of Indonesia but also the world. No wonder if the price offered is quite fantastic even just for a laptop. If you are a student then saving money is the way to be able to buy this dream laptop.

Although famously used as a gaming laptop, MSI laptops are also very good to use to work as usual. Make it easier for you to do your work quickly because of the features and applications provided. The latest applications and software are downloaded periodically as part of msi  service center facilities.

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