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African African African Braga Cota Benden Banda Banden Barrett and nearby tourists

Jalal Asia Rica Braga, Bandung, West Java, was a frequent  visitor to the capital of West Java When you  talk about Bandung, it’s quite interesting to know that you can’t distinguish it from the Word of Asian Africa at all.

Bandung is also known to have been called the capital of Asia-Africa at the moment of the high-level conference attended by 29 nations from Asia and Africa in 1955. Indonesia is one of the pioneering countries of the Asia-African conference with a way to strengthen defense forces among Asian-African nations and to combat western colonialism.

At the conference, the representative from India said that Bandung was the capital of Asia-Africa.Of course it was just a normal community but a place in the hearts of the people of Bandung so far Until recently, there have been museums and roads called Asia Africa, and there are many interesting things that can be visited on The Asian Street Pants:

Japan African African Kota Brata Bendang

Many who travel in Bandung and are in Braga Bandung, African Africa in January  ,  try to visit the square. It’s familiar if you have a box everywhere,  and  you can enjoy a sunny morning in the square as a rather fun moment.

In this square, you  can also take photographs as one of the symbols you had in the Flower City, which provides a lot of fun for tourists. It’s more dominant with a section of the bright field but it also seems to be a very clean and excellent excellent mosque so it’s great to be the backdrop for the photograph.

It does not stop there but   is  available around near Jarlen Africa Cota Bandung, West Java, West Java, Bandung City    Square You can also enjoy a variety of foods that you can eat, usually when you are on vacation for a few days, and visitors to the Flower City need to do so.

Some of you may  always assume that there is nothing special about the square of each area . The square is a very important historical drama for the history of the city . Thus, when it comes to Flower City, we should try to visit the square to feel like the people of Bandung for a while.

Jan african African Kota Bandung West Java

There is  also a walk from Bundon Square to Braga Bandung, Africa, Africa,  Japan, which takes only 5 minutes from the square and the year of tourists. For those who have never been here, you may be confused about the subject of genuine interest in the place.

In fact , Jalen Asian African Kota Bandan, West Java , seems very simple because although this is just an old building, there are all sorts of interesting places that can be used for photography.

It’s just an old building, but even if I’m really classic and very nice, it’s no surprise that there are so many tourists in Bandung who feel they have to come to Jalan Asian Africa.

Previously, this area had the name of a Post Street, and visitors built historical silent evidence in Indonesia, particularly in the city of Flower They were able to enjoy a wide variety of structures, not to worry, because  they could also enjoy a variety of entertainment while they were there.

You can also enjoy some of the locals who hire bicycles to use around the street, which can also open up business opportunities for locals and help tourists enjoy more holidays.

Wayne Ruhiev near Braga Bandong, German Asian African town of West Java

It is also known that the Ruhiyat Wood Puppet Puppet Puppet Puppet Gallery can also be arrived if it is not far from the Braga area of January Africa. The exact location is on the author’s street or at the back of the Savo Homan Hotel, including a frequent tourist attraction.

It is incredible that Indonesia is one of many countries with many cultures and customs, in which Java It also includes Wayne, one of the characteristics of the culture, so the puppet gallery was officially founded by Ruhirat in 1950.

Ruhat is one of the figures in the Bandung region with his love in the Bandung region until this moment is passed on to his children, named Tatum Hayana. What can you find in the navigation gallery while you’re in Bandung?

So you can find a collection of several numbers or hundreds of puppets in one place, if  you’re usually puppets If you really enjoy puppet stories that are commonly played, you can try these different characters in the Ruiheart Puppet Gallery.

With a collection of fragrances, it seems very interesting for children to use as an educational journey, and interestingly, there are a variety of forms that get names using English.

Jan african African Kota Bandung West Java

The Japanese African town of Braga Bandung is always full of historical narratives that are quite interesting to the people of Bandung and Indonesia. Independence from Donetsia cannot be distinguished from all kinds of history, certainly in which Forcklow and some of the heroes always support their worth.

Similarly, if you arrive at Gerald Asia Rica Braga, a town of flowers filled with a variety of historical narratives in the region, so when you arrive in Jalen Braga, it is quite possible. You can enjoy a variety of famous heritage buildings, and the old classic buildings seem to tell visitors about the fascinating history of Bandung.

But the reality is that Jaylen Asian African Kota Benden, West Java, is not  only the old classic buildings but also the legendary idea that visitors are too For those of you who have never tasted a long-standing banquet in Bandung, you can try to come to Jalan Braga.

When you return from vacation, you can also arrive at a memorable information center at the Sin Shop for those who want to find memories for your family. Arriving tourists are widely known, so the store has been established since 1993 and is available for shopping trips throughout Jalan Braga.

Jalan Asia in the Braga region of Bandung sets out its own story which is quite interesting to the community.As a tourist you also use the  various holiday spots around the region So when  you arrive in  the Bandung suburb of Bandung, African Africa in January,  don’t forget to visit a variety of interesting tourist attractions.

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