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Gojek Jakarta Office as a Place to Register and Submit Complaints

Gojek Jakarta’s office is a place to register for new drivers who have a desire to be able to become one of the partners and cooperate with goosebumps so they can gain entry. Because you may know that Jakarta itself is one of the cities that relies heavily on Gojek’s existence because the traffic is quite heavy, making some people lazy to leave home.

By relying on such situations, some people become inspired to be able to become gojek drivers so that they can get a lot of revenue considering that the users of this application are quite fantastic, especially in the Jakarta area. Therefore, you can try to go to one of the gojek offices in Jakarta to be able to handle all the issues related to Gojek.

What are the Functions of the Gojek Office?

If you want to take care of all the gojek-related issues, then it is appropriate for you to visit the gojek office instead of you. If you are in Jakarta then of course you just need to visit the Gojek Jakarta office where you register for those who are interested. It turns out that there are also many people who know what the functions of the gojek office are.

The offices in each of those areas have almost the same function as a whole. Where one of them is as a hub for submitting complaints experienced by application users whether it is important or not. Because in the office there will be a special customer service section serving every complaint experienced by customers and then a solution or solution from the problem will be provided.

In addition, this office has a function of being one of the places to be able to register as a driver or partner cooperating with Gojek. Although this registration may indeed be made online, obviously at a certain stage the prospective driver must come to the office to do tests and verification in order to ensure that the previously sent data is indeed correct.


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Gojek Office Service or Operating Hours

There is no need to doubt that if you go to the gojek office, of course, you will be able to get various solutions to the problems experienced when using services from Gojek. But of course, to be able to go to this office, you also need to pay attention to what time the service or operating time of the office is so that you don’t come all the way due to the bad hours.

Although indeed the operating hours of the online service are valid for 24 hours, of course this will not apply to offline services at the Gojek Jakarta office where new drivers are registered. The operating hours of customer service from the offices of the Gojek branch also depend on the area inside Jabodetabek or outside Jabodetabek.

If you want to go to the goose office located in the jabodetabek area then you can go to the office that runs from Monday to Sunday. However, customer service hours are not valid on a 24-hour basis, as office hours in the Jabodetabek area only start operating at 8 am to 5 pm and this also applies to weekdays.

An Easy Guide to Becoming a GO-FOOD Partner

The intensity of the large number of goose users today is not only in the opportunity lyrics from prospective drivers but also entrepreneurs who feel that their business can vaccinate more people using the gojek application. Because go food services on gojek are one of the most crowded services in addition to delivery services.

Therefore, you can try cooperating with Gojek so that the culinary business you have can touch the hands of many people. How do I do this? Of course, you only need to register your own business, especially in the culinary field, whether it’s owned by an individual or owned by a company. Confused about how? Check the following information.

The first way can be done using the official website of a gojek, that is by visiting the page and then searching for the menu to register a business to become a goose partner. You will be able to see a menu that says “go-food list and go to restaurant partners”.so you just need to fill out the form that has been provided and then complete it with an email check. Don’t forget to complete the registration requirements, especially on the business profile.

If you’re in Jabodetabek, try going to Gojek Jakarta’s office where you list business partners . If you do not want to register with a long process, then you can try registering offline, that is by visiting the Gojek office directly. Of course, this process will take a shorter time because it will be served directly. if you have done the registration process then you must only be asked to wait for confirmation from your gojj.

Do You Have Trouble Using Gojek Services? Skip to Office

Although it is very clear that the customer service of this office is indeed useful as a placeholder and provides solutions to problems experienced by users, it turns out that many people and users of the Gojek application do not know what kind of problems can be reported to the gojek office itself.

Serious problems with a service can be complained to goziek customer service. One of them is when you become one of the victims of a bogus order that will certainly harm you because you have an obligation to pay for items that have been sent to your home through a goose driver because you use your name. Then you can go to the branch office to report this issue.

Your dissatisfaction with the service due to driver errors can also be reported to the Gojek Jakarta office where  you register if you are in the Jabodetabek area. Because a goalie who is the person in charge of the driver certainly provides you with a solution to the dissatisfaction you experience due to the loss achieved by the service.

To come to the office, I also don’t need a background of the problem but you can also ask for confirmation about something. One of them is asking for confirmation about the cooperation you have built between Gojek and your business is also one of the things that can be used as an excuse to go to the goose office. Therefore, the existence of this office is indeed very crucial and important.

The point is that if you really want to solve a problem or want to ask something about your goose services, then you can go to the office in your area. and also keep in mind about the operating hours or working hours of this office so as not to miscalculate when you come to the office, especially distance. You can even go to the Gojek Jakarta office where you can register for prospective new drivers or for partners who really want to collaborate.