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Knowing the Features of the West Java Region to Get to Know It Better

Of course, there are features of the West Java region     that you need  to know in order to get to know this one province more closely. As we know, West Java is one of the provinces that attracts a lot of attention where the capital city of Bandung is a tourist destination for various types of people.

Of course, there are interesting things in this province that make many people focused on vacation to the place. For those of you who want to find out more about this place, you need to know some of the characteristics that are owned where every region in Indonesia has different characteristics.

By knowing these features,  you can get to know this area more deeply. Along with knowing its characteristics, you may know that all regions in Indonesia are very unique. Here are some features of the West Java region that you should know where to distinguish this province from others.

Of course, this feature is not only known to the outside community but also to the indigenous people of West Java. In addition, in this province there are many districts that have their own uniqueness. So it is unfortunate that as an Indonesian  citizen  you do not know the uniqueness of each region.

Moreover, the characteristics of West Java are not only in terms of culture but also in terms of culinary. With such information, you can find out that Indonesia is very rich in culture and culinary.


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But what is very unfortunate is that many young people know nothing about Indonesia even about the area where they live alone. This condition, if left out of control, can lead to the younger generation losing their love for their country.

Daily Use of Regional Languages

 One of the characteristics of the West Java region is the use of its regional language in everyday life, as we know indonesia has many tribes so there are also many  regional languages. So it is no wonder that although it is one island, the regional languages are many and different.

For West Java itself, it also has a special regional language, namely the Sundanese language. Of course, Sundanese has a different vocabulary from other languages so it is easy to distinguish. Moreover, this language is also used in everyday life other than Indonesian.

So the use of this language is also not only limited by the Sundanese tribe but has been used by all people in West Java. As the use of this language is very important in order to support day-to-day activities.

Therefore, because language is one of the characteristics of the West Java region , when you are in a crowd and using the Sundanese language, fellow tribes will surely know that you come from West Java simply by communicating using that language.

So it’s no wonder that to know that someone is from an area is to look at the language that is used every day. Although at this time there are many people who use Indonesia the use of regional languages is still done so that it continues to exist and is not eroded by the times.

For if the vernacular is abandoned, it is a great pity for later generations that they do not know the native language of their tribe. In fact, the use of language is what distinguishes one tribe from another.

 Characteristics contained inmusical instruments

Another feature of the West Java region that you can see is in the section of the musical instrument. Of course, each region has its own musical instrument that can be the identity of the area, as well as West Java. For this area itself, surely everyone knows one of their typical musical instruments, namely angklung. Angklung itself is a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo.

In fact, so many schools including elementary schools  in West Java must provide this traditional musical instrument. In addition, playing is also different from modern musical instruments as now, because just shaking will make certain sounds. In fact, the popularity of the musical instrument is well known internationally.

In addition to angklung, there are also flute musical instruments that are included in the features of West Java. Viewed from the material, it is almost the same as angklung, which is made of bamboo. But what distinguishes can be seen from its shape where the distillate is made only of 1 bamboo. Where this musical instrument also has holes that later serve to set the tone.

Of course, the number of holes in this instrument also depends on where it is adjusted to how many songs will be accompanied. However, in general, there are only 4 distilled holes. So distinctive is this musical instrument that Sundanese songs should be accompanied by this flute. In fact, it is not uncommon when someone is in the rice field and entertains themselves then they will play the flute.

Characteristics of the Food Section

It is undeniable that the features of West Java are also reflected in the food, there are many specialties that are owned and even existed outside the West Java area. This condition shows that there are many people who love the province’s typical food. Call it like a batagor or siomay which is one of the typical West Java snacks  that are easy to find in the outdoor area.

The food consists of fish meat and is wrapped in spring roll leather and tofu and is given peanut spices. In addition to food for food on the streets, there are also typical snacks such as Menes blocks. The Menes block itself is a special food made from cassava and grated coconut that functions as a razor. This snack itself isjealous of two types, namely the cadaver beam and the block m enes.

In addition, there is also oncom rice that is very popular and even included in one of the features of West Java that comes from Tasikmalaya. Oncom rice itself is a rice that has been mixed with oncom that has been grilled or fried. During the mixing process, it is not only stirred but waited so that between the oncom and the rice it is mixed evenly.

In addition, there are also snacks such as green serabi which is a typical carawang food. Of course, this serabi is different from others because the manufacturing process is almost similar but there are additional suji leaves in order to make the color greener. Of course, the use of these leaves is to avoid the use of food color so that it is safe when consumed.

Traditional Dance Features

West Java’s features  are also reflected in the traditional dance section where there are many of them. One of the traditional dances originating from the region in West  Java, namely Cirebon, is mask dance. Where this art has meaning, that is, the story of sunan gunung jati when you want to control the city of Cirebon. But at the time there was an attack carried out by the welang prince to finally have a war.

The use of masks in this dance has 13 colors where each type has different characteristics and uses of colors. However, many have recently used only red and white colors and the use of masks is also adjusted to the theme of the event being held. In addition to mask dancing, there is also a peacock dance inspired by peacocks.

The peacock itself is the symbol of the crown so that dancers use the crown when in action. This dance will be accompanied by gamelan music which will be played by three people. Of course, this dance was very popular even for foreign countries. In addition to the dances above, there is also the jaipong dance that is already very popular.

However, this dance once used controversy because the movements are quite sensual but have recently started to be preserved again. Therefore, these are some of the features that  this one province  has.  TI’m not surprised by knowing the features of West Java can help preserve it so that future generations know about regional cultural customs or the characteristics of West Java are not lost to the times.